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Glazing of apartment blocks, offices, shops, hotels, and other commercial buildings

Schtega Iberica offers the production and installation of plastic windows and doors for construction companies, developers, renovators, builders, and restorers in all regions of Spain and other EU countries. Every year the demand for metal-plastic constructions increases by 3-5%. They are installed in private and multi-family houses and commercial and office buildings. We offer in-house production, installation, and affordable prices of metal-plastic windows and doors with a quality guarantee.

Glazing of houses and cottages

The glazing of high-rise buildings and cottages helps to keep heat inside, protects them from outside noise, and keeps them ventilated. High-quality and reliable plastic windows work for the comfort of the occupants at any time of year. We have analysed many queries from clients and offer optimal solutions for the glazing of houses and the best price/quality ratio. There are many factors to consider to choose the right type of glazing. We also offer fabrication and installation of metal doors. Qualified specialists will help you choose the best option for your premises.

Glazing for hotels and offices

Windows are an important element in hotels and office buildings. It greatly determines the comfort and cosiness of the building. The amount of natural light depends on the shape and size of the windows, which favourably affects the general condition of a person and his mood. It helps to tune in to work issues or to rest comfortably. Your visitors will appreciate a welcoming atmosphere in rooms glazed by Schtega Iberica. Schtega Iberica also offers the production and installation of metal doors.

Shop glazing

Virtually all shops are fitted with glass on the outside to ensure high light transmission, external respectability, and durability. An important factor is that passers-by can see through the large and transparent showcases, attracting them to enter and purchase the goods. Panoramic windows from Schtega Iberica are the best solution for shops and shopping centers.

Why should you choose us?


Schtega Iberica is the official distributor of REHAU, which is the world leader in the production of profiles and components for the construction of plastic structures, windows, and doors.

Energy saving technologies

Due to a sharp rise in energy prices, relevant today is the installation of energy-saving structures, windows, and entrances produced by our company.

Our Team

Our company values its employees, who regularly improve their skills, undergo training at REHAU, and are ready to fulfil orders of any complexity, as well as offer custom solutions to customers.

Best prices

Schtega Iberica is a manufacturing company. It allows us to provide the best prices for our products.


Depending on the type and amount of the order, production time is from 1 to 7 days.


In-house production facilities enable scheduled production and installation of our products on schedule.


Own fleet of vehicles for the transportation of glass, mirrors, and plastic sheet metal products.

Discount system

For regular customers, Schtega Iberica offers individual terms and a discount system.

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